Gently fishing a harsh environment

Our commitment to Longline fishing is our commitment to sustaining the environment that we operate in.  The longline method, as opposed to trawling, supports the future generations of Patagonian and Antarctic Toothfish while minimising the impact of fishing on the environment.
Longlining advantages include the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as protecting the seabed, which is not damaged as it can be when trawling. This means the benthic impacts are far less and the environment better looked after. Longlines are selective in their fishing methods which minimise bycatch of unwanted fish species and juvenile Toothfish, so only a tiny percentage of unwanted fish are ever caught.  This method supports the protection of the future generations of Patagonian and Antarctic Toothfish.
Australian Longline fish to strict Australian and International standards and catch limits set by the Australian Government and CCAMLR. Both of our vessels have two full-time government observers onboard to monitor how we fish and to constantly monitor fish biology and environmental impacts.