Fishing where most fear to tread

Australian Longline are licensed, through quota ownership, to operate in subantarctic waters of Heard and McDonald Island and Macquarie Island. Both fisheries are regulated by AFMA and take into account the Conservation Measures that are determined by CCAMLR. These fisheries are managed by limiting the catch of fish, restricting how many boats can fish in the area and what fishing gear can be used.
Australian Longline is the only Australian fishing company that also operates in Antarctic waters with licenses provided by AFMA and CCAMLR.
The weather is unpredictable at best, our crew brave subzero temperatures, icy sea spray and huge swells in search of the prized fish. As challenging as it can be, Australian Longline considers it an absolute privilege to work these untamed waters, and we are passionate about preserving them for future generations of people and fish.