The Antarctic and Patagonian Toothfish are one of the worlds most prized fish, the once obscure fish has become a culinary celebrity, known for its white flesh and subtle flavour. Found in the pristine Antarctic waters, it takes dedication and care to sustainably fish for these species without upsetting the delicate natural balance.

Our company

Operating in the midst of the world’s remotest areas in some of most extreme conditions for long periods takes a special type of organization.

Our people

Cold, rugged and exceptionally tough — and that’s just the ships cook. Discover why it takes a unique breed to fish for Toothfish.

Our vessels

When you fish below the 50th parallel you need a vessel that can withstand the unforgiving Ant-arctic ice, wild storms and the relentless Southern Ocean swell.

Pioneering a sustainable future is our passion. Australian Longline take an innovative approach to sustainability with continuous improvement a major focus. We have developed unique environmentally friendly technologies on our vessels which go above and beyond industry standards. As our name suggests, we are committed to longline fishing which is superior in its fishing technique for supporting sustainable fisheries. Operating since 1996, our Company’s collective experience, leadership and presence in the fishery makes us a pioneer in the commitment to a sustainable future for the future health and wellbeing of our people, the fishery and the environment.